Our new website designed in 2017 is meant to give family, friends, fans as well as the coaches and athletes themselves a thorough look and understanding of the Southeast conference. 

The Constitution and Individual Sport By-Laws of the conference explain the structure of the conference and rules governing our contests. 

Recognition of the schools and athletes is done through our Conference Records, All-Conference selections and different school awards.

We have a directory of the Athletic Directors and their Secretaries, the backbones of the conference who put in countless hours each day to make this conference work.

We have links to other websites that pertain to our conference.

We also have direct links to our schools' websites and activity scheduler to keep you up to speed on what's happening on a a daily basis.

New to he site is a Photo Gallery, News and Announcements, Twitter feed and we're able to keep you abreast with current standings in each individual sport.

There's allot to see, we hope you enjoy the new look!